Simplified Site to Site VPN Connectivity

Simplified Site to Site VPN Connectivity

Simplify site-to-cloud VPN connectivity


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are one of the most used solutions for secure network connectivity and are favored for their ubiquity and security. However, there are some disadvantages to managing an extensive network based on VPN connectivity.

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Degraded visibility

VPNs are designed as a point-to-point solution for secure remote access. The resulting complexity of a network with multiple site-to-site VPNs makes it challenging to perform threat detection and data analytics across the WAN.

Inefficient routing

VPN infrastructure is often designed as a “hub and spoke” model, where all traffic flows from cloud to cloud or through the corporate network hub for decryption before being routed to its final destination. Any-to-any connectivity is too difficult to orchestrate.

Complicated configuration and maintenance

VPN configuration often require extensive manual work. IPsec tunneling, Internet Key Exchange and Key Management, and NAT traversal. As more and more sites are added to a WAN, maintaining the network becomes increasingly difficult.

Limited scalability

As the number of sites in a network expands, VPNs scale poorly. The poor scalability leads to inefficient routing and overall management and operational inefficiencies

The 3nets solution

3nets | CloudNavigator™ solution is designed to be a more efficient alternative to using VPNs. 3nets | CloudNavigator™ enables the simple design, deployment, and operation of a private network across multiple cloud environments and corporate locations.

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ integrates a network security stack or third-party security services into the end-to-end networking fabric, providing easily scalable encryption of data in motion across an any-to-any network.

By leveraging infrastructure automation tools (i.e. Terraform, Cillium, Avesha KubeSlice), 3nets eliminates cloud provider management borders, simplifying the management to a single pane of glass across multiple clouds.

The 3nets solution further provides:

Simplify your hybrid cloud and multi cloud connectivity

Eliminate multiple cloud service provider management panes and borders and simplify your hybrid cloud onramp and multi cloud connectivity management with a single pane of glass. Point, click…connected.

Security of Data in Motion

The 3nets zero trust architecture provides microsegmentation of workloads, strict access at the edge, end-to-end encrypted data in transit, automatic key rotation, and integration with 3rd party next-generation firewalls for additional security feature functionality where you need it.

Improve Day 2 Operational Efficiencies

The 3nets solution offers a single multi cloud dashboard -3nets | Manager™- that simplifies the operation of workloads across cloud provider constructs, hiding the complexity of the various cloud provider’s silo approach, allowing for seamless and simplified day two operations, and reducing mean time to recovery (MTTR).

Location independence and site inclusion

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ networking fabric can be deployed across any environment, cloud, data center, colocations spaces, and campus environments. The 3nets platform ensures private data centers are not subservient to cloud provider environments, enabling full mesh participation in 3nets multi cloud WAN.


Business Results

IT resource efficiency

A single dashboard with unified control provides operations teams with end-to-end visibility to all connections, reduces application downtime, and improves internal SLO metrics.

Simplified connectivity

A simple any-to-any encrypted solution that is easy to set up and maintain.

Accelerated Site-to-Site and Multi Cloud Connectivity

Become an IT hero for your internal customers and connect them to cloud resources in minutes, not days or weeks.

Improved security posture

By providing a network-wide automated end-to-end encryption profile, all data transport can be managed in a similar fashion versus a piecemeal approach from location to location

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