Multi cloud WAN Operational Visibility

Multi cloud WAN Operational Visibility

Enhancing operational visibility when working with multi cloud service providers.


Although WAN connections between clouds can be established, customers are responsible for stitching together connectivity across multiple dashboards to form a single segmented link and are left to manage the costly piecemeal approach.

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Segmented connectivity

Each cloud provider only offers a piece of the networking puzzle, leaving it up to customers to piecemeal connectivity together and manage the segments across multiple service provider dashboards.

IT tool creep and resource inefficiencies

A lack of service uniformity across multi cloud boundaries forces organizations to learn multiple networking platforms, creating crippling inefficiencies.

Skills gap

The number of necessary tools and complex architectural requirements leads to a skills gap that requires difficult-to-find resources and delays deployments.

Increased security risk

In addition to the connectivity, managing the security across multiple dashboards becomes a challenge ripe for mistakes and severe exposure.

The 3nets solution

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ solution leverages the 3nets | Manager™ GUI to simplify hybrid multi cloud WAN design, deployment, troubleshooting, and incident management.

The 3nets | Manager™ provides end-to-end visibility from VPC to VPC, hiding the complexities of the underlying hybrid multi cloud networking environments. This single dashboard enables rapid provisioning across cloud platforms and provides access to end-to-end metrics essential in planning and troubleshooting workload connectivity problems.

The 3nets solution further provides:

Multi cloud service orchestration

By leveraging infrastructure automation tools (i.e. Terraform, Cillium, Avesha KubeSlice), 3nets eliminates cloud provider management borders, simplifying the management to a single pane of glass across multiple clouds.

Security and segmentation

The 3nets zero trust architecture provides microsegmentation of workloads, strict access at the edge, end-to-end encrypted data in transit, automatic key rotation, and integration with 3rd party next-generation firewalls for additional security feature functionality where you need it.

Multi Cloud Dashboard

The 3nets | Manager™ is a single multi cloud dashboard that simplifies the operation of workloads across cloud provider constructs, hiding the complexity of the various cloud provider’s silo approach, allowing for seamless and simplified day two operations, and reduced mean time to recovery (MTTR).

Point and click multi cloud network provisioning

Once deployed, 3nets enables end users to connect sites and workloads through 3nets intuitive graphic user interface. Point, click, done! The 3nets | Manager™ also enables reduction in the cloud toolsets giving the customers a single interface to configure all cloud WAN connectivity


Business Results

Freedom from vendor lock-in

The location inclusivity and simple operations of 3nets | CloudNavigator™ with GSLB enable workloads to be gracefully migrated from location to location.

IT operations agility

Enables the rapid deployment of new remote sites, canary deployments, cloud-bursting applications, non-disruptive maintenance capabilities, server migrations, and automated service failover.

Satisfied customer engagements

Location-aware session routing enables end-user experience optimization by routing sessions based on client and server locations.

Cloud cost savings

By enabling the simple migration of workloads, businesses maintain leverage with cloud service providers and are able to negotiate pricing based on the ability to leverage any cloud provider.

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