Edge & Regional Cloud Service Providers

Edge & Regional Cloud Service Providers

Global Virtual Cloud Service Provider


As customers consider their needs for deploying workloads closer to distributed users or devices, leveraging edge and regional cloud partners is an obvious choice. However, the cloud “edge” is complex.

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Lack of a unified architecture

The lack of a unified architecture makes for an inefficient operational environment, depleting resources and creating inefficiencies.

Security and encryption

The need to secure and encrypt data in motion between edge and regional provider sites is a must for all data created at the edge.

Service differentiation

You must differentiate your services from other cloud providers to attract and retain new customers.

Operational constraints

Due to multiple edge service provider platforms and the plethora of locations, managing the connectivity between sites is challenging.

The 3nets solution

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ solution provides regional and edge cloud providers a platform to be leveraged for simplifying customer connectivity across sites on their own cloud while extending connectivity to remote cloud providers.

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ platform opens the door for accelerated customer acquisition, additional revenue generating service opportunities, and increased customer retention strategies.

The 3nets solution further provides:

Rapid deployment & expansion

Customers can deploy an entire multi cloud WAN in minutes, not days or weeks, and rapidly expand to new locations in minutes

Simplify your site-to-site and multi cloud connectivity

Eliminate multiple cloud service provider management panes and borders and simplify multi cloud connectivity management with a single pane of glass. Point, click connected.

Automated scalability and elasticity

The 3nets network intelligence and multi cloud orchestration automates the scalability of resources across multiple clouds to adjust connectivity needs for longer-term trends or immediate spikes in demand.

Multi cloud dashboard

The 3nets | Manager™ is a single multi cloud dashboard that simplifies the operation of workloads across cloud provider constructs, hiding the complexity of the various cloud provider’s silo approach, allowing for seamless and simplified day two operations, and reduced mean time to recovery (MTTR).


Business Results

Accelerate Customer Acquisitions

Accelerate your customer’s onboarding journey by deploying new nodes in minutes (in the cloud or on the customer premises), turning up service in minutes, and simplifying customer workload migrations

Increase Revenue Opportunities

Leverage additional product offers, including self-service multi cloud GSLB, multi site / multi cloud network segmentation, point-and-click cloud onramp VPN service, and MPLS replacement services, all through a single platform.

Market Expansion

Enable regional and edge providers to work across geographic boundaries to create a unified global service offering.

Increase Customer Retention

Self-service network connectivity, simplified multi-site, point-and-click provisioning, common multi cloud toolsets, network auto-scaling

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