Distributed Application High Availability

Distributed Application High Availability

Enhance Your Cloud Agility with a Global Server Load Balancer.


Distributing applications across multiple clouds requires high availability, application resiliency, workload agility, and the ability to optimize workflows to improve the end-user experience. Deploying a load balancer that can operate across multiple clouds is critical.

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Vendor lock-in

As customers are moving workloads to the cloud, they want to avoid vendor lock-in, thus it is essential to establish a network operational model to enable workload agility.

End-user experience Optimization

As applications are migrated to a multi cloud environment, ensuring the end-user experience isn’t degraded is essential.

Workload high availability

Distributing applications across cloud providers is required to ensure significant service provider outages do not impact business operations.

Location inclusion

Not all workloads exist solely in the cloud, when distributed, the private data center must participate.

The 3nets solution

3nets | CloudNavigator™ with distributed multi cloud Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) makes cloud boundaries disappear. The 3nets GSLB leverages IP anycast routing and our distributed Application Analytics Engine (AAE) to manage session distribution decisions across a multi-site environment, taking into account client and server location when distributing sessions across multi cloud locations.

3nets | Manager™ provides a simple management portal that simplifies multi cloud setup, connectivity and management, enabling new server locations to be deployed in minutes, not days or weeks.

The 3nets solution further provides:

Increased availability

The 3nets Server Load Balancer integrates an Active: Active configuration with unprecedented end-to-end network visibility across multi cloud environments.

End-user experience optimization

The 3nets distributed multi cloud GSLB orchestrates efficient client-server/server-server connectivity based on both client:server locations and application requirements

Automated scalability and elasticity

The 3nets network intelligences and multi cloud orchestration automates the scalability of resources across multiple clouds to adjust connectivity needs for longer-term trends or immediate spikes in demand.

Site inclusion

The 3nets solutions extends its switching fabric across hyperscaler environments, regional cloud providers, edge cloud providers, and customer private data centers and branch locations.


Business Results

Simplified operations

3nets rapid deployment and global reach empowers data orchestration tools to manage connectivity between data collection points and processing and storage across multi cloud environments via a single toolset.

Business agility

Empowers the rapid expansion of new locations and/or the immediate establishment and deconstruction of connectivity for periodic requirements.

Improved security posture

Collecting data from many locations can become tricky. Some applications may have security built in, others not. By providing an automated end-to-end encryption profile, all data transport can be managed in a similar fashion.

Cloud savings

Network elasticity and throughput can be scaled to meet demands in a “just in time” manner, resulting in lower cloud operational costs.

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