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“If you want to drive into the bush, drive a Land Rover; if you want to come out, drive a Toyota” -source unknown

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Whether businesses operate across a hybrid cloud environment or are planning for more complex multi-cloud environments, they need a networking vehicle that will provide them with the necessary reliability, simplicity, and agility for the long journey ahead. To begin with, a Multi-Cloud Networking (MCN) platform must provide essential multi-cloud computing, networking, and security virtualization across private data centers, public hyperscalers, and regional and edge cloud providers. Those capabilities are critical for moving forward with a platform that simplifies the underlying environment. However, an MCN platform is just the beginning; having a global server load balancer (GSLB) running above the networking plane to optimize application performance, increase reliability, and deliver the best user experience is essential.

The digital transformation of business practices is still in its infancy. When it comes to cloud computing, what is apparent after a decade is that businesses are still discovering the benefits and pitfalls of cloud computing. What may have seemed like a “slam dunk” a few years ago during the cloud hype cycle, is giving way to a healthy dose of reality, as businesses tally the benefits and costs of moving applications to the cloud. At the same time, all of the existing providers and the new market entries (edge computing) are continuing to innovate to provide enhanced features, flexibility, and cost efficiency to remain competitive.

To take advantage of the always-moving landscape, businesses must build an underlying network and security environment that would enable them to remove the barriers between the cloud provider resources. It would also allow their customers to move their workloads in and out of the cloud, thus enabling them to remain competitive, drive cost and performance efficiencies.

3nets | CloudNavigator™

3nets | CloudNavigator™ is a multi-cloud networking platform that breaks down the borders of cloud networking by creating a unified VPC across the 3nets | Application Service Fabric™. However, that is only the baseline deliverable of the platform. Above the networking plane, 3nets provides unprecedented multi-cloud global server load balancing (GSLB) technology that is integrated with the networking fabric, resulting in improved multi-cloud application performance, simplified workload mobility, and an optimized user experience. The 3nets GSLB provides the following capabilities to simplify operations, increase application performance and reliability, and enable business agility:

3nets | CloudNavigator™ with the 3nets GSLB offers organizations improved performance, high availability, scalability, disaster recovery capabilities, geographic load balancing, flexibility, and centralized management, making it a valuable component for global application delivery and network optimization.

3nets…..Multi-cloud Networking without Borders

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