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With digital transformation, new cloud-based technologies are reshaping the global marketplace and ushering in a new digital age. While these new technologies can potentially expand business prosperity, they can also introduce competition that threatens the existing business. Therefore, it has never been more critical to have an IT culture with the underlying agility to move quickly when business demands.

People, Process, and the Right Technology

When it comes to cloud agility, it is essential to rapidly connect to new resources, integrate them with existing assets, and optimize costs, performance, and the customer experience. Architecting an operational model that is optimized to maximize cloud investments, requires a change in people, processes, and technology

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Cloud Complexities

However, after a decade of digital transformation, several challenges have been identified as impediments to cloud adoption and IT agility. These challenges are primarily the result of cloud provider operating environments that lack industry standards, requiring customers to orchestrate services across clouds independently. As a result, even network orchestration is not a simple task, as it requires customers to:

As a result, the VPC-to-VPC connectivity is piecemealed together, making the simple end-to-end visibility and troubleshooting inefficient and increasing mean time to repair (MTTR). These challenges lead to a networking environment where initial integration and ongoing operations are challenging, and the agility that IT organizations seek is elusive.

Additionally, there are security and data residency aspects. As mission-critical applications migrate to the cloud and data is distributed across multiple providers, applying standard security and data residency profiles across all environments becomes exponentially difficult.

Finally, application management extends across multiple cloud infrastructures, requiring the collection and processing of multi cloud telemetry to optimize performance, ensure consistency of the user experience, and manage the total cost of ownership. In many cases, to address application performance issues, workloads may need to be redeployed or repatriated.

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3nets | CloudNavigator™ - Next Generation multi cloud Networking

As its name implies, a multi cloud networking platform provides the networking and security capabilities required to connect applications hosted across multiple cloud provider environments. This can mean connecting application workloads in a private cloud to those in a public cloud (hybrid cloud) or connecting applications hosted in one cloud provider with an application hosted in a different cloud provider’s environment.

3nets | CloudNavigator™ is a visionary cloud-native design that takes a next-generation, application-centric approach to inter-networking across multi cloud environments to overcome the existing problematic layered approach of the current connectivity and support model. 3nets recognizes that beyond network connectivity and security, businesses need a platform that fully supports application services. The following pillars are the foundation of the 3nets design:

Operational Simplicity / End-to-End Visibility:

3nets | CloudNavigator™ is designed to accelerate enterprise adoption of multi cloud services by tackling the underlying operational complexities through its state-of-the-art 3nets | Manager™. The 3nets | Manager™ is the IT Service Management (ITSM) tool of the 3nets | CloudNavigator™. As part of a broad Service Delivery (and management) Platform, 3nets | Manager™ manages the service provisioning of underlying multi cloud complexity. Presenting users with a simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard simplifies provisioning, management, and troubleshooting network and application layer problems. Other ITSM features, such as inventory management, change management, incident management, event management, automation, etc., are included with 3nets | Manager™. It also provides an open Application Programming Interface (API) for 3nets’ Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and third-party applications to interface with the Application Service Fabric™ (ASF).

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Application and Service Awareness:

The 3nets solution focuses on application awareness, supporting distributed workload environments while optimizing application performance and the end-user experience.

Elasticity and Resiliency through Automation:

The world of microservice-based applications is highly dynamic, with workloads continuously added, changed, and moved across regions within a cloud or even between multiple clouds and the edge. The 3nets Application Service Fabric™(ASF) can adapt to a dynamic workload environment with its elastic and auto-scaling footprint that continuously senses the changing nature of traffic patterns between the microservice clusters and data movement applications.

Robust Security:

The 3nets security architecture provides a comprehensive set of features that collectively deliver a zero-trust framework for securing traffic across the multi cloud infrastructure. This framework empowers networking, security, and application architects to confidently support the automation of the application workload wherever it extends.

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Multi-tenancy is an essential aspect of a cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP), designed to serve the needs of multi-departmental enterprises and service providers (telcos, cable operators) offering cost-effective advanced cloud computing services.

Multi cloud is Coming

Although your business may only be a single cloud organization, you will eventually migrate to multi cloud. Therefore, it is imperative to begin your multi cloud journey immediately to enable business-critical IT cloud agility. If experimenting with a multi cloud networking platform isn’t on your technology roadmap, now is the time to ensure you begin investigating and experimenting with multi cloud networking technologies to prepare you for the future.

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