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To remain competitive, data center and regional cloud service providers must continue innovating and differentiating their services from other providers. The global hyperscale providers garnered most of the attention in the first movement to the cloud over the past decade, helping to break down the barriers many customers had with cloud computing. The industry leaders have not stopped innovating, releasing new products, and expanding into new geographies to serve additional cloud computing needs.

Businesses seek results from their cloud investments

According to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review (HBR), when it comes to the outcomes, the businesses seek most from their cloud investments,

Cloud challenges are opportunities to succeed for cloud service providers

While the benefits of moving to the cloud are many, there are several challenges as well associated with transforming IT to the cloud. In the same HBR report, respondents reported the following challenges associated with transforming their IT to the cloud:

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Regional and edge cloud providers

For business customers who want to avoid vendor lock-in, regional cloud providers have much to offer in their local constituents. Some of the best space, power, and local connectivity in every corner of the globe is not owned by the large hyperscalers, but is owned by regional providers with regional resources, attention to regional ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and a regional focus.

The path to a federated global multi-cloud service model

What if regional cloud providers could offer a new cloud service that:

That service is Multi-Cloud as a Service.

Multi-Cloud as a Service

Multi-Cloud as a Service (MCaaS) is a new service offering that is powered by the 3nets | CloudNavigator™ Service Delivery Platform. MCaaS is more than multi-cloud networking.

MCaas is:

MCaaS presents a unique opportunity for regional cloud service providers, colocation providers, and edge cloud providers to participate in a global cloud marketplace reserved previously for the global hyperscalers, and upend the status quo.

Multi-cloud as a Service (MCaaS) holds the possibility of bringing data centers with some of the best space, power, and local connectivity together with hyperscalers to provide best-in-breed services and pricing, regional Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) focus, high availability, end-to-end multi-cloud visibility and local hyperconnectivity. For regional providers, the advantage is that they are providing the services that are clearly differentiated from what the hyperscalers provide, a truly transparent multi-cloud service offering.

Multi-Cloud as a Service: CAPEX/OPEX savings and unmatched cloud agility

MCaaS addresses a number of the multi-cloud challenges listed by IT leaders, and is the lynchpin for accelerating global cloud adoption. There are no providers more poised to take advantage of this service than the regional providers, whether they are local data centers, edge cloud providers or regional cloud providers.

At its baseline, MCaaS enables providers to integrate data center networking, security, and computing together to provide customers with a single point of contact for all cloud networking needs. However, the connectivity serves as the foundation to unleash the power of multi-cloud computing to drive both CAPEX and OPEX savings for their business customers.

MCaaS benefits for regional service providers

The following are the benefits of MCNaaS for regional providers

Revenue generation

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Improve customer experience and increase customer retention

Are you ready to take a leadership role?

Several cloud providers are now providing differentiated value by expanding their presence and service offerings while leveraging price leadership to garner additional market share. Additionally, capital is flowing into the edge cloud provider marketplace. Cable companies, telecom companies, wireless operators, and newly-funded ventures are finding their niche at the edge, and the wheels of innovation are turning at full speed.

3nets | CloudNavigator is a platform that allows you to differentiate your services from the others. Whether you are a Managed Service Provider or a regional/edge data center provider, 3nets | CloudNavigator can simplify your operational model, while providing services that will help you differentiate yourself from the others and stand out in the cloud.

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