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Your Cloud Architecture Needs to Be Constructed on a Solid Foundation

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With almost a decade of experience integrating workloads between private data centers and public cloud providers, it is clear that the integration between private clouds, different public cloud and edge cloud providers is complex. The most common pain points cited are:

One of the fundamental requirements for cloud integration that impacts all of these pain points is the architecture of cloud access required to establish reliable and agile connectivity between private data centers and public cloud and edge cloud providers. No matter what your need is when connecting to the cloud, whether it be extending your data center, creating a hybrid cloud environment or going all in with multi-cloud, it is important to build an access that has the agility to meet the needs of all. Therefore, it is essential to consider a cloud access architecture suited for the long-term journey and not just settle for a quick solution that may contribute to the above mentioned issues.

Agility and Automation

All businesses look for a return on investment (ROI) with their cloud investments, and the ROI associated with moving applications to the cloud will suffer if the foundation of that move, your cloud access is incapable of supporting the dynamic applications of today’s business environment. Additionally, many customers who initially jumped to the cloud are looking to migrate away from one cloud provider to another for a number of reasons including:

Although this may seem like a new trend, customers have always had to evaluate these capabilities. What is different now is there are so many options available.

There are many options to choose from when considering the connectivity of your private data center to the cloud. However, the key to agility is building a foundation that provides a consistent infrastructure and operating framework that integrates network automation, end-to-end security, operational simplicity, rapid deployment, and end-to-end visibility. By ensuring that your access is agile, your IT team can deliver solutions to your internal customers on-time and focus on critical business needs.

3nets | CloudNavigator™ – Building the Foundation for Your Cloud Journey

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ Service Delivery Platform delivers the application service foundation you need to connect your private data center to the cloud now while simplifying your expansion to multi-cloud at a later date. their service delivery automation platforms to orchestrate service delivery.

3nets simplifies the complexities of networking and security across your cloud access. However, 3nets | CloudNavigator™ goes beyond networking and security simplification by providing value-added capabilities that improve application availability while optimizing the end-user experience. Finally, 3nets automates repetitive networking functionality through 3nets | Application Navigator™ AIOps intelligence, relieving essential personnel of repetitive day-to-day activities to work on critical business solutions.

3nets |Application Service Fabric™ (ASF™)

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Cloud access simplification starts by delivering the required flexibility, end-to-end visibility, and security that is critical for applications distributed across private and public clouds. 3nets | Application Service Fabric™ (ASF) is an any-to-any networking fabric that enables your data center to fully participate in connecting your cloud workloads, whether your applications need 1:1, 1:N, or N:1 connectivity. 3nets extends your private data center to the cloud, not the other way around. The ASF provides full fabric functionality across your distributed data center environment by not treating your data center as a spoke or a satellite to various cloud provider environments.

This architectural differentiator helps optimize your access to the cloud by ensuring your data center is on equal footing with local and remote data centers and cloud service providers. Whether you deploy workloads in your data center, in a colocation space, or the cloud, the 3nets | Application Service Fabric™ optimizes application connectivity and increases workload visibility and reliability across all environments.

Reducing Networking Inefficiencies and the Total Cost of Ownership

Connecting your data center to multiple clouds can become very expensive and undermine your entire cloud investment ROI. Thus, getting it right the first time and building credibility within your organization is essential. Given the market direction toward multi-cloud environments, it is crucial to architect your onramp with the end in mind. By providing a cost-efficient means to deliver resiliency between your private data center and multi-cloud providers, you reduce the need for expensive last-mile bandwidth connections. This is where extending the functionality of the Application Service Fabric to all sites is critical. The ASF can leverage each cloud provider’s private connection as a backup for the other, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Connectivity hair pinning is inadequate, adding latency to inter-workload connectivity while requiring consumers to purchase additional bandwidth on every one of those costly last-mile connections. The Application Service Fabric removes inefficient network hair pinning from your workload connectivity by automating the establishment of direct VPC to VPC tunnels between workloads situated at multiple cloud providers. When coupled with low-cost Data Center Interconnect providers, the ASF provides efficient and cost-effective VPC peering across multiple cloud networks.

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Increase End-to-End Visibility, Provide Operational Intelligence, Lower OPEX

By deploying the 3nets | Application Gateway into each workload VPC, 3nets provides end-to-end application visibility across all VPCs, providing ongoing operations the necessary visibility to reassess workload placements and troubleshoot any connectivity issues on a single screen. No need to open multiple networking operating systems and stitch together an end-to-end view; operators now have a single pane of glass that provides a common user experience across all locations. This observability leads to actionable operational intelligence that assists with preventative insights, the rapid resolution of issues, lowering MTTR, keeping internal customers satisfied, and reducing OPEX.

Increased Security:

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Operating across multiple locations can increase your IT risk profile, making moves, adds, and changes extremely complex and complicated from a security perspective. 3nets simplifies security, providing network operators the confidence to make moves in minutes by:

The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ Advantage

3nets | CloudNavigator™ delivers the critical agility required to connect your private data center to the cloud. By doing so customers:

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

It is essential to recognize that you are connecting your existing private data center to the cloud provider environment, not the other way around. Therefore, it is critical to design a network inclusive of all environments and to beware of pursuing architectures that may lock you into a specific solution or delegate your data center as a satellite and not a part of the core of your cloud computing architecture.

Initial Workload Placement and Continuous Reassessment

As enterprises move applications into the cloud, design implications require application architects to ensure workload placement does not lead to high costs, performance degradation, security exposure, compliance issues, or the deterioration of the end user experience. In addition, there are often some non-obvious results that only appear after deployment into the production environment, which require rapid post-installation IT artistry to resolve.

Continual reassessment of workload placement is a best practice that needs to be followed with distributed applications. It is essential to ensure the network that supports connectivity between your private and public computing spaces has the agility to quickly resolve your workload placements without a complete redesign of the underlying infrastructure.

Increase Application Availability

Customers can optimize application performance and increase the availability of their applications by deploying the 3nets multi-cloud Global Server Load Balancer across the 3nets - Application Service Fabric. The multi-cloud, location-aware routing algorithm enables client: server connectivity to be routed from the ingress to the appropriate targeted server based on server health and latency measured across the entire Application Service Fabric.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Customers deploying the 3nets solution as a foundation to their cloud onramp receive additional benefits from the 3nets | CloudNavigator™ platform. IT organizations can meet internal customer needs by turning up new locations on alternative cloud providers in minutes, not days. Once new locations are enabled on the Application Service Fabric, customers can leverage the functionality of the Global Server Load Balancer to migrate portable workloads from one site to another, all while leveraging the same unified onramp.


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Whether business agility, business continuity, cost and application optimization, or global expansion, businesses seek measurable results from their cloud investments. However, to succeed, it is vital to build a solid foundation that does not undermine the overall mission.

That foundation starts by architecting an agile and cost effective cloud onramp between your data center and the cloud. Without it, networking and security issues will continue to impede your cloud journey, driving up operational expenses and limiting agility.

3nets | CloudNavigator™ is a service delivery platform architected around simplifying, optimizing, and automating the multi-cloud environment to support application deployments across multi-cloud environments. It provides the foundation for agile and cost-effective access to the cloud and eventual connectivity between multiple clouds. This foundation enables businesses to simplify their operational environment, optimize applications running across the environment, and automate workflows to free up vital personnel to focus on mission-critical business needs.

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