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In today's digital era, businesses and organizations rely heavily on cloud computing to enhance their operational efficiency. In the past decade, cloud computing has gained significant popularity due to its numerous benefits, including flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, ease of management, and breadth of service offerings. When coupled with their global reach, these platforms offer tremendous value to business IT professionals. However, when it comes to providing flexibility within a local market, regional data centers and edge cloud providers deliver tremendous value of their own to business IT organizations. Thus, when building your cloud, it is important to be able to integrate both- cloud platforms as well as regional and edge data centers - into your IT environment. The integration of edge and private data centers into cloud architecture plays a pivotal role in maximizing the benefits offered by cloud technology.

Data Center Edge Cloud Flexibility

One of the major benefits of working with a regional data center provider is their ability to offer a level of flexibility that cannot be found with global hyperscalers. Customers can customize and tailor their environments to meet specific needs, and they often have a diverse set of networking options to connect from their location to any remote site.

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Performance and Latency:

Integrating data centers into your overall cloud architecture enhances overall system performance, enabling businesses to operate at optimal levels. For applications that require low latency or high-performance computing, having a local data center in close proximity to end-users or critical infrastructure can deliver significant performance advantages. By keeping the infrastructure in a nearby regional data center, organizations can reduce network latency and provide faster response times compared to accessing cloud services over the internet.

Data Sovereignty and Compliance:

In some industries, data sovereignty and compliance regulations require organizations to store and process data within specific geographic boundaries. Local data centers can provide greater control over data location and help organizations comply with regional data protection laws. This level of control may be more challenging to achieve with cloud service providers that operate on a global scale.

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Cost Efficiency:

While some use cases are made for cloud computing, in many cases a simple hardware solution in a data center that provides the power, redundancy, monitoring, and connectivity cannot be beaten. Thus to fully optimize your environment, it is important to integrate private data centers, regional data centers, and cloud service providers into your overall cloud architecture for cost optimization. This allows customers to deploy capex when it makes sense, along with a choice of various opex models to optimize their IT spend.

3nets | CloudNavigator™

Leveraging private data centers, regional data centers, hyperscalers, and edge cloud providers is critical to a fully optimized business IT environment. Optimizing costs along with performance, while also maintaining SLAs is the “holy grail” for business IT professionals. However, optimization is not a “one and done” task, it needs to be ongoing, and that means you need a hybrid-cloud / multi-cloud networking and security infrastructure that can deliver the agility required for you to act on a moment’s notice, migrate workloads from one location to another, and take advantage of computing resources wherever they may exist. This is where 3nets can help. We are a company that is hyper focused on delivering a multi-cloud networking service delivery platform that will seamlessly connect all of these environments, and allow business IT professionals to “own” the cloud.

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