A Next Generation Hybrid Multi Cloud Networking (MCN) Platform with Service Delivery Orchestration

Introducing the 3nets | CloudNavigator™ Service Delivery Platform

3nets is developing an innovative next-generation Multi Cloud Networking (MCN) service delivery platform to boost IT operational performance by simplifying workload connectivity and ongoing service management.

3nets introduces the 3nets | CloudNavigator™ Service Delivery Platform. The 3nets | CloudNavigator™ SDP takes Multi Cloud Networking to the next level. Our platform recognizes that edge clouds, private clouds, superclouds, and, regional data centers are integral to any business. 3nets deploys the 3nets | Application Service Fabric™ at all locations, ensuring uniform any-to-any connectivity, and resiliency is established between any application at any location.

All cloud environments are orchestrated through the 3nets | Manager™, which acts as the controller for the various 3nets software elements. 3nets | Manager™ provides users with an intuitive and simple GUI based canvas design template, as well as the interface to additional service-related functionality.

3nets believes a multi cloud network abstraction should appear native to micro-service applications, hiding and automating all inter-cloud, inter-network boundaries. To meet this requirement, the 3nets | AppNet™ API is provided as a powerful interface that establishes an API of APIs for DevOps, cloud orchestrators, and any 3rd party cloud management tool. This API enables the full integration of the 3nets | Application Service Fabric™, itself a network of networks across various cloud environments, to applications and third-party service delivery tools that operate across multi cloud or supercloud environments. 3nets | AppNet™ API establishes connectivity into the Application Service Fabric™, providing applications with direct access to a highly scalable and granular service fabric for any to any, 1:1, 1:N or N:1 data connectivity requirements, establishing multi cloud VPC peering across any environment.

Simplify your application delivery

Once connected, 3nets believes application and service connectivity should be adaptively optimized as demands change.

Customers need to be able to seamlessly and automatically migrate their data and workload from site to site, to establish backup services, application high availability, disaster recovery, and other operational tasks across multiple cloud provider environments.

Advanced Features to Simplify Service Delivery

3nets provides advanced capabilities above the virtualized cloud environment to optimize distributed application deployments, simplify ongoing management, and fully integrate next-generation applications with the Application Service Fabric™ that serves them.

3nets | Policy Manager™: Optimize Data Connectivity

The 3nets | Policy Manager™ is utilized by service delivery providers and applications to establish connectivity while directing traffic in order to optimize data connectivity based on factors like bandwidth, egress costs, latency, or jitter, depending on application or business policy requirements.

3nets - Application Navigator™: Enhance End-User Experience

Our 3nets - Application Navigator™ service intelligence merges network intelligence, automated network scalability, and application management tools like our multi cloud Global Server Load Balancer to optimize end-user experiences and application availability across multi cloud environments.

3nets | Service Manager™: Comprehensive Multi Cloud Service Management

The 3nets | Service Manager™ offers extensive service management features, such as application discovery, observability, and service mapping across multi cloud environments, along with toolsets necessary for data and application migration in hybrid cloud, edge cloud, and super-cloud environments.

3nets | AppNet API™: Automate Service Delivery via Digital Service Desk

Access our fabric through the 3nets | AppNet API™, enabling automation of service delivery across the Application Service Fabric™ with a process that includes request acknowledgment, validation, fulfillment, service management, SLA monitoring, and lifecycle management.

3nets | FinOps Lighthouse™: Monitor and Optimize Cloud Costs

The 3nets | FinOps Lighthouse™ offers cloud cost observability and actionable operational intelligence, enabling optimization of cloud spending across multi cloud environments and providing alerts to cloud operators to prevent any unexpected surprises.

Next Generation Hybrid Multi Cloud Networking is Critical for Advancing the Cloud Journey

Next Generation Hybrid Multi Cloud Networking (MCN) is the critical keystone for distributed cloud-based applications to advance from here. However, networking is not enough, customers are looking for multi cloud toolsets that simplify data movement and workload connectivity while maintaining costs. Contact 3nets for more information on how we can simplify your cloud journey.

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