Our Vision

3nets was founded in 2021 with the conviction that current corporate networks require a major transformation to facilitate the deployment of distributed applications across hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Computing Virtualization

Approximately 20 years ago, the mass adoption of hypervisor software in the computing hardware environment changed that market forever. The technology redefined how computing resources were utilized, delivering incredible cost savings and operational efficiencies to business organizations.

3nets is developing an innovative next-generation Multi Cloud Networking (MCN) platform to virtualize distributed computing environments, including hyper scalers, private data centers, and edge cloud providers, that will have an equivalent impact on cloud computing.

Cloud computing has gained a lot of attention over the past decade. However, it is Hybrid Multi Cloud Networking that is now the critical keystone for distributed cloud-based applications to advance from here. Unfortunately, the existing connectivity of VPCs across a multiple cloud service provider environment is not efficient and insufficient for today’s multi cloud computing needs. First-generation Hybrid Multi Cloud Networking (MCN) providers have made tremendous advances in removing computing, networking, and security borders across multi cloud environments. However, further advances are required to support future distributed multi cloud and edge-cloud applications.

Why 3nets?

The 3nets platform is a next-generation MCN platform that leverages first-generation MCN networking and security advances and propels hybrid multi cloud networking virtualization to the next level. Our platform begins by recognizing that private data centers, edge clouds, and regional data centers are integral to the future of any business. We ensure that private data centers are not subservient stub links into cloud provider environments but need to be, in fact, full participants in the multi cloud networking fabric. In addition, much in the same manner that server virtualization technology advances didn’t stop at the simple virtualization of the server, we are focused on a suite of advanced capabilities that customers demand.

Solving the current-day multi cloud challenges

3nets provides advanced capabilities above the virtualized cloud environment to optimize distributed application deployments, simplify ongoing management, and fully integrate next-generation applications with the networking fabric that serves them.

Network Services

Providing service-based connectivity through our path selection algorithm that leverages real-time network telemetry to deliver end-to-end SLA-protected connectivity based on application needs (latency, cost, BW).

Application Services

Improving end-user experiences across multi cloud environments, through our distributed Multi Cloud Global Server Load Balancer, with a rich feature set that improves application availability, simplifies multi-site application portability, and optimizes end-user experiences.

Disaster Recovery Services

Providing application high availability across multi cloud environments. Delivering automated scalability and elasticity in real-time for network elements and application connectivity. Our 3nets - Application Navigator™ intelligence leverages real-time telemetry, multi cloud orchestration, and a microservices-based architecture to scale resources to accommodate longer-term trends, short-term bottlenecks, or data bursting scenarios.

Developer Services

Integrating application connectivity needs directly with the network fabric by introducing an industry-first application-aware API framework. Our application-aware framework enables applications to signal their connection intents directly to the networking fabric, where the network intelligence can accept and instantaneously provision the request with zero-touch and SLA-based protections.

Security Services

Providing a zero trust networking platform, while offering multi cloud network segmentation at the VPC subnet layer is critically important for complex cloud environments.

Workload Management Services

Customers are in need of a networking platform that also simplifies the movement of data and workloads from one location to another. The ability to migrate VMs seamlessly across any environment using a single common toolset, while also orchestrating the workload environment is what customers demand to unleash the full power of cloud computing.

Hyper Automation

The dawn of the next generation of network/security/application operations is upon us. The rapid pace of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past few years will soon have a significant impact on the IT world. 3nets Application Service Fabric™, with our AppNet API™, is built to enable the automation that AI logic will demand. Our end-to-end path optimization technology supporting 1:1, 1:N and N:1 connectivity will be able to immediately respond to AI output.

Our solution will simplify workload and data connectivity, deliver an improved user experience, and accelerate business innovation by automating workload distribution, connectivity, and security efficiently with guaranteed SLAs.

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