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About us

Introducing a new hybrid multi cloud architecture to accelerate enterprise digital transformation

A new dawn is upon us, with the convergence of massive global computing power, scalable software architecture, high speed mobile connectivity, artificial intelligence, open software platforms, and businesses embracing change at rapid pace through digital transformation.

These technologies have rapidly advanced and business operations have transformed through iterative digital transformation projects. At the same time, the wired Internet has stayed largely unchanged for the past decade. As a result, Enterprise network and security operations are struggling to keep pace with the rapidly moving application environment.

Founded by visionary industry veterans, 3nets.io has set out to democratize the new IP and cloud networking services ecosystem. Much like how Kubernetes has changed application networking, and how 5G mobile computing has redefined on-demand network services, 3nets is leading in delivering a future looking networking platform to support Enterprise application requirements.

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The Hybrid Multi Cloud Environment

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A new market has emerged to provide simpler connectivity between cloud vendors. 3nets believes it is time that the network takes a generational leap forward to serve future applications. Primarily, the next generation network needs to be elastic, scalable, and hyper automated. Equally important, the network needs to be application aware, supporting service level orchestration and monitoring, end to end borderless security, intent based intelligent routing, and end to end policy management.

3nets Next Generation Multi Cloud Peering platform

3nets believes digital transformation initiatives will come to a grinding halt if the cornerstone of cloud applications, the underlying digital connectivity, does not evolve. As a result, we believe it is time the Enterprise transforms their network, and introduces a new networking architecture that automates connectivity. In other words, a platform that is application aware, is intent based, is simple, is seamless, is secure, and delivers end to end simplicity, reducing ongoing operational costs, while accelerating the pace of current digital transformation initiatives.

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